David Hillstrom

David Hillstrom is a pen name, which I have chosen for a variety of personal reasons.  I have just recently started writing seriously, following upon a successful career in international banking.  My subject matter has nothing much to do with my earlier career, but rather ranges from philosophy to poetry and political commentary.  During my years in business I sustained a continuing interest in the philosophical and artistic issues that occupied my days at University.  I have kept up to date over these years through a variety of readings in science and philosophy as well as pre-history and politics.  The views expressed in my writings reflect these readings as well as a wealth of personal experience through extensive, international business travels.  These views are rather distant from those of most people I have met around the world, including most of my friends and acquaintances.  As I explain in my philosophical work, The Bridge, most people's views are clouded by myths.

The Story of Our People is a work of dramatic poetry.  These two efforts represent my primary literary achievements to date.  In addition from time to time the site will include commentary on current  issues  in international politics from my reasoned but rather lonely perspective.

Both books are now available at Amazon.  For further details on the books please refer to the separate pages on this site.  You may also wish to visit the product pages at amazon.com.

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Translation Proposals: Visitors to my website may have noticed that I have added pages in other languages, for the moment Greek and French.  I am eager to provide translations of these pages into additional languages.  Consequently I would be pleased to entertain any interest in translating these web pages or either of my two books.  For those who may be interested in undertaking such a project please send me an email detailing your specific thoughts as well as background competency.