David Hillstrom

The Bridge is a philosophical work that addresses the gap between social belief systems and the current state of our practical as well as theoretical knowledge.  This issue is in my opinion a central problem in human history and, if left unresolved, it will continue to haunt our destiny.  The book is organized in two parts.

Part One sets out the fundamental thesis.  By using a modified Cartesian method I demonstrate the lack of a rational basis for the most fundamental ideas in our package of cultural beliefs.  In addition to religious beliefs I also examine secular beliefs, such as the concept of race and the idea of national identity.  The consequences of my conclusions are startling and I state this clearly here as a warning to those who may not be prepared to question some of the most fundamental elements of their cultural heritage. 

Part Two deals with the political consequences of the basic thesis; the question that I pose initially is how we might conceive of a socio-political construct for today's integrated world after dismissing the standard package of cultural beliefs.  I go on to examine the deep biological and historical roots of conflict and suggest new directions for international diplomacy and political institutions.

Excerpt from part one:  "Their lives were steeped in myth; their beliefs and customs strange!"  This is the first sentence of the book and it sets the stage for the questioning of current beliefs, both religious and secular as noted above.

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Clarion Reviews:The Bridge is a collection of profound, well-researched essays that warns open-minded readers of the desultory impact of relying on dated myth, fable, and religion rather than exercising our ability to reason...David Hillstrom gets to the hard-hitting point in this two-part compilation of nine essays, without hesitating to offend anyone who does not agree with his straightforward, yet complex ideas on how to benefit humanity...The Bridge will appeal to intellectuals and scholars who wish to delve into a deeper exploration of the mind and how our self-coddling, archetypal notions impact society on a comprehensive scale.

Julia Ann Charpentier

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